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Inmate Information

Need inmate information in Raleigh?  When someone has been accused of a crime and taken into jail custody, they are processed and assigned a bond by the Magistrate.  This bond could be a Secured Bond or Unsecured Bond.  If the bond is Secured, this stipulates that you either, have pay the full bond amount to the Magistrate, or go with the most popular and cost effective option of having someone released.  This would be to contact a Bail Bonding Company to post the bail.

The most popular option as it pertains to posting bail is to hire a Bail Bondsman.  The bondsman usually works for a fee premium that can be up to, but not more than 15% of the bond amount in North Carolina.  This is a fee for services rendered and is not refundable.  This option makes it more affordable for those who otherwise would have no means securing bail.

After securing payment, the bond is then posted and the difference of the bail amount is secured by Carolina Bail Group, and rendered to the respective County Magistrate.  A Bail Bond can be arranged at any time of day or night.  The Wake County Detention Center, Durham County Detention Center and all other jails that we serve in, are always open and our team is always available to serve you.  Call our offices now. 919-948-7821.


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