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Bail Bond Forms | Select and Complete the appropriate form.

The Bail Bonding Process goes much smoother and we can process the necessary paperwork quicker if the bail bonding forms are completed in advance. This is important, and many times can decrease the amount of time it takes to post the bail bond and have the Defendant released from the Wake County Detention Center or any other Jail located in the state of North Carolina. Call us if you need assistance or have any questions about the forms or process. 919-948-7821

Defendant Bail Bond Application (.PDF)

The Defendant Bail Bond Application is mostly information on the defendant to be bonded. Usually references are needed. The Defendant should be able to provide a form of identification and proof of residency in some situations. Information on the Co-Signer is also to be completed on this application.

Download Defendant Bail Bond Application


Cosigner – Indemnitor Agreement (.PDF))

The Cosigner-Indemnitor Agreement is to be completed by the cosigner. Cosigners are usually relatives, coworkers, or a good friend. At Carolina Bail Group, a Cosigner is required on all Bonds greater than $1,000.00. Larger bonds may require more than one cosigner for security. In order to qualify as a cosigner, one must be at least 21 years old and must have been employed for at least one year. The cosigner must also have a valid Drivers’ License or North Carolina I.D. Card.

Download Cosigner - Indemnitor Agreement


Memorandum Agreement (.PDF)

The Memorandum Agreement is to be used when all or part of the Fee Premium is not paid before or during the time the bail is posted. In other words, if your bond qualifies for 5% Down or any other payment arrangement and there is more money to be paid at a later date to Carolina Bail Group, this form must also be completed.

Download Memorandum Agreement


Credit Card Authorization Form (.PDF)

If you will be paying the bail fee, or making a payment by credit card, complete this form. The Credit Card Authorization forms are completely confidential and are stored under lock and key. Once all the charges have been resolved this form is destroyed and no longer held in our office.

Download Credit Card Authorization Form



NOTE:  These forms should be filled out entirely with true and accurate information. Any discovery by Carolina Bail Group that untrue or inaccurate information has been presented can result in termination of the Bail Bond. This could also lead to the defendant being returned back to jail. Also note that in such cases our fees are non- refundable. North Carolina State Law supports such action.


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