What is your next step?

What is your next step in the Bail Bonds Process?

You’ve take the first step by choosing Raleigh North Carolina’s Favored Bail Bonding Company to provide your bail bond service.  To begin the Bail Bonds Process, we need the [FULL NAME] of the [DEFENDANT] and the [COUNTY] where he or she is being held on bond.

Our staff will then contact the local Jail or Detention Center to gather all information necessary to post bond.  This usually takes five to ten minutes.  We then return your call with the Bail Amount and the cost to have your family or friend released from jail.

We require co-signers on each bond.  The Co-Signer is normally a relative, co-worker, or business associate who will be jointly liable for ensuring all appearances at court until the cases are disposed of.  The final step is arranging payment so that we can process the bond and have the defendant released from jail.  All necessary forms can be printed in advance. Contact Us for help on which form you will need to complete if it’s unclear to you.


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